Exclusive: 2019 Honda Civic Caught Testing In India

2019 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic was officially announced for launch in India at the 2018 Auto Expo, here is an exclusive picture of the Toyota Corolla Altis-challenging premium sedan

Honda Civic has remained one of the most loved cars by enthusiasts in India. The Civic is known all over the world for its sharp design, its performance and handling capabilities. Honda officially announced the launch of the Civic in the Indian market by end of this financial year.

After the launch of all-new Amaze and the all-new Civic, Honda plans to launch the all-new Civic in the Indian market in February 2019 and here is the first picture of the premium sedan testing in India under a heavy camouflage.

The car that will be launched in India is already available in the international markets. This is the tenth generation Honda Civic and is launching after skipping a whole generation. Honda discontinued the 8th generation Honda Civic from the Indian market due to dismal sales of the sedan. However, it became quite popular among the enthusiasts of the country.


The all-new Civic will be assembled in India with 70% localization, which would translate into an aggressive pricing of the sedan. Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Corilla Altis would compete directly with the all-new Civic but their prices would remain below the upcoming rival. Honda India plans to target the Honda City customers who want to upgrade their vehicle and would keep the Civic in a premium segment.

The all-new Civic looks nothing like the Civic that was available in the Indian market. It now gets truly European looks and is a very modern-looking car. The all-new Civic would be powered by a 1.8-litre i-VTEC engine that generates a maximum power of 140 Bhp and 174 Nm of peak torque. Honda is expected to launch only an automatic transmission option with the all-new Civic.Honda-Civic-Rear-Quarter.jpg

In all likeliness, the 7-stepped CVT transmission would be offered with the new Civic. Honda will also offer the 1.6-litre i-DTEC diesel engine for the first time in the Indian market that was introduced with the all-new CR-V. The diesel engine would churn out a maximum of 120 Bhp and 300 Nm. It would get a six-speed manual and a 9-speed automatic transmission. The all-new Civic would be priced at around Rs. 16 lakhs.