Driverless Cars Won’t Be Allowed In India – Road Transport and Highways Minister

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The government won’t allow driverless cars to be introduced in India as it could increase unemployment and the current focus is on electric cars

Most of the modern cars are controlled by onboard computers and manufacturers are working on a number of new technologies to make driving easier, which enthusiasts like us don’t prefer. One of the biggest hyped about new technology in recent times is autonomous driving tech and the level 5 system is expected to be introduced soon.

In level 5 autonomous cars, it can drive itself and the car doesn’t need a driver as the cameras and sensors are so advanced that all the tasks can be controlled by the computer. But driverless cars are not allowed in most of the countries because if the system fails then it could lead to accidents and dangerous for other road users.

Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport and Highways confirmed that driverless cars won’t be allowed in India. He said that driverless cars cannot be allowed now as India first needs to provide jobs to everybody. I am open to discussion but I don’t think that is a priority now and the need of the hour is electric vehicles and energy efficient cars.

One of the reasons for not allowing driverless cars is that it could lead to drivers losing their job, which will increase unemployment in the country. According to a new survey conducted in 2016 by Avendus found out driver shortage is a big problem in rural places and lack of skilled drivers could increase to 50 per cent by 2020.


If the cab service companies like Ola and Uber could make more money with driverless cars then they will opt for it as it could save them lots of expensive but the government won’t allow for this and for a country with small population, driverless cars will work but our population is so high and road conditions are also very different.

But the government is planning to introduce advanced safety features like autonomous braking and radar-based systems in India as it could reduce the number of road accidents. Volvo is one of the first manufacturers to offer thee systems in India followed by Mercedes Benz and soon more automakers will also join.