DomiStrada Adv Kit For Bajaj Dominar 400 Can Fulfill Off-Roading Desires

DomiStrada Adventure Kit for Bajaj Dominar 400 4

DomiStrada Adv kit by LLUVIA Industries has various different accessories to cater the needs of adventure loving Bajaj Dominar 400 owners

In the last few years, the rise of the aftermarket tuning firms are significantly noticeable in India as motorcycle owners look at different ways to make their vehicle unique. While Royal Enfield models are largely being customized, other brands’ bikes cannot be ruled out either.

Bajaj launched its flagship Dominar 400 at the end of last year and it showcases the growing craze of Indian motorcyclists towards tourers in a desirable price bracket and let alone the Royal Enfield Himalayan which has been lauded for setting up a stepping stone for high-end adventure motorcycles.

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There are no shortages of people trying to modify these bikes how they want it to as well. In order to thrive in a competitive industry like the two-wheeler space, there has to be something unique about the output of a product. It applies for both manufacturers and customizing outfits and going by that route a company called LLUVIA Industries seems to be well aware of what it has just come up with.

LLUVIA is focusing a particular set of customers rather than mainstreaming its operation and making a full kit that adheres for several needs. Following the release of its numerous exclusive accessories for the D400, they have teased a new adventure kit called the DomiStrada.

DomiStrada Adventure Kit for Bajaj Dominar 400 6

You might have already guessed by the name that blended Dominar and Multistrada on what LLUVIA is trying to achieve. LLUVIA says the DomiStrada Adventure Kit is designed to work the way they promise as aesthetics comes as a secondary preference. However, putting all the bits together we do quite like the look of the now adventure-derived Dominar 400.

There are different accessories doing various functions and customers can choose their required fit. None of the new parts require any type of welding or complex work mechanism as they are designed to align with the existing body of the naked Dominar 400 according to them.

DomiStrada Adventure Kit for Bajaj Dominar 400 6

The DomiStrada Adventure Kit possesses different accessories like adjustable windshield, fog lamp mount, jerry can mount, tourer sprocket, radiator guard, front cowl, fairing guard, off-road tyres, rear tyre hugger, pillion and rider backrest and so on. Check them out on Facebook for more info!

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