Delhi Set to Restrict Vehicle Running by Odd-Even Licence Plates

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Delhi Government proposes vehicle restriction by odd-even licence plates to clamp down pollution

The Delhi government has announced a radical measure to curb the growing pollution levels in the country’s capital. The method known as Road Space Rationing is set to be implemented from the new year as the confirmation was issued in a meeting headed by the union territory’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

The idea behind the practice of Road Space Rationing is that vehicles will have to run only in the alternate days so that the huge number of four and two-wheelers on roads will be slashed enormously every day and thus clamping down pollution levels to a greater extent.

Depending on the licence plates whether they end in even or odd numbers, the private vehicles will be permitted to run on the Delhi city roads every other day from 2016 onwards. The decision to implement this tactic has come a day after high court questioned the soaring pollution scale in the capital. Delhi has been rated as the world’s most polluted city by World Health Organization in 2014 by overhauling Beijing.

odd-Even licence plates

On the eve of the 2008 Olympics, the Chinese capital Beijing employed the Road Space Rationing practice for two months through automated traffic surveillance network. Vehicle owners were given tax exemptions for three months as a compensation.

The biggest task Delhi authorities will face is the implementation of the actual method itself as more than two million vehicles have to be restricted from the road every day.There are over nine million vehicles registered in Delhi where the air quality levels slumped to a new-low in the last couple of months at twelve times more hazardous than the safety level recommended by WHO.

Other measures set to be made mandatory by the Delhi government to help restrain air pollution are preventing roadside vehicle parking, improving public transportation and encouraging cleaner fuel vehicles.

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