Delhi Government Lifting Ban on Registration of Retrofit Vehicles

CNG kit (2)

All the authorized CNG manufacturers and dealers have to register their details to the government’s online software database

Delhi government is lifting the ban on registration of CNG retrofit vehicles. Till now, only vehicles with CNG kit fitted by manufacturers were allowed for registration. But alongside revoking the ban government is taking measures to stop sell of the fake CNG kit.

Delhi government has already asked the authorized CNG manufacturers and dealers to register details on Delhi government’s online database software. Earlier this year in June, Delhi government imposed ban on registration of vehicles with CNG retrofit kits. Allegation was that, CNG kits which were not manufactured by pre-approved companies were being installed in vehicles in the city, and a part of officials from transport department were involved in the scam.

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The fake CNG kits are usually manufactured in China, and these kits come significantly lower priced. Therefore many customers opt for fake kits instead of expensive genuine ones. The fake CNG kits are inferior in quality compared to the genuine ones, and often cause accidents like fire eruption.

Government approved companies also made such allegation, which prompted Delhi government to impose ban on registration of CNG retrofit vehicles. It has also made the OBD-II system kits mandatory, which comes at a price of around Rs. 55,000.

Delhi government informs, the new online database software is already available to the authorized manufacturers and importers. And this software will keep a track to all the CNG kits being installed in the vehicles. It will ensure the new vehicles as well as already in use vehicles also to come fitted with CNG kits and get registered as well.