Damon X Could Be The Safety Motorcycle Ever With Advanced Technologies

damon x

The motorcycle technology startup in Canada is working on an advanced safety system which will help keep the riders safe

Damon motorcycle technology based in Vancouver, Canada is working on a prototype motorcycle called Damon X. The motorcycle will be equipped with new and advanced technologies never seen before in a two-wheeler. The two new technologies that they are currently developing are variable riding position and advanced traffic-tracking collision warning system that will help riders to gain an extra margin of safety on the road.

Besides working on this new project Damon is also working on this safety tech which will eventually be fitted on an electric motorcycle. The company has successfully managed to raise about 2.5 million Canadian Dollar in order to fund their projects. The company also has plans to supply their advanced technologies (that can be implemented in the factories) to other bike manufacturers of the world as well.

The variable riding position will help the rider to electronically adjust their riding position. The rider can slide the seats, footpegs and clip-on handlebars in an up or down position. So in the highways, the rider can bring the handlebars towards themselves or even drop the pegs down and can have a nice comfortable and relaxing riding position.

damon x 1

The rider can even raise the footpegs and seats according to their convenience to generate more ground clearance when they are riding over any uneven terrains.

Talking about the safety system, in particular, Damon calls its system AWSM which stands for Advance Warning System for Motorcycles. The safety system combines radar, cameras, sensors and neutral net computer onboard that will help track up to 64 objects around the motorcycle when it is moving.

Once this system detects any potential danger it immediately issues a warning to the rider. The rider will be warned with the help of LED strips positioned across the motorcycle’s cockpit area and also with the vibration unit positioned on the handlebar grips and seats. The safety system is connected to the Damons onboard computers with the help of 5G connections.

The good news is that Damon team has already built a working test mule and even supplied the AWSM system to the West Vancouver Police Department as well.