Convert Old Mahindra Thar To New-Gen Model; Skip The Waiting Period

Jeep Life India Mahindra Thar old to new

Jeep Life India is working on a full conversion kit for the old-generation Mahindra Thar, which will transform it into the new-gen model

The second-generation Mahindra Thar was launched in India last year in October. In such a short span of time, the demand for the new Thar has skyrocketed in our market, and as a result, the waiting period for the SUV has reached up to one year in select cities across the country. The global semiconductor shortage isn’t helping matters either.

Jeep Life India has an alternative for people who are put off by the high waiting period of the new-gen Thar. They are offering a modification service, which converts the old-gen Mahindra Thar into the new model! Not a lot of info is available about the mod job at the moment, but it does look highly detailed.

As per the custom builder, the blueprints of the new-gen Thar are being used for reference. Galvanised sheet metal and fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) have been used to build the new body panels. The builder has also stated that he plans to use OEM-spec fenders, bumpers, and other accessories, once they are available in the market. The OEM bumpers would improve the safety of both passengers and pedestrians.

Jeep Life India Mahindra Thar conversion

This custom model gets a Jeep-inspired front grille, and not the weird one Mahindra offers on the new Thar. Although the picture here shows an incomplete project, it sure looks impressive. However, such extensive modifications are outlawed in India; driving such a vehicle on public roads would be illegal, and result in heavy fines if caught by the cops.

That said, modifying vehicles is quite common in India, and plenty of enthusiasts still do it. The customisations range from aesthetic changes to full-blown performance mods. As for this particular conversion job, the cost has not been revealed yet, perhaps because it is still in the early stages.

We’re not sure if any changes would be made to the SUV under the bonnet. The old-gen Mahindra Thar was available with two engine options – a 2.6-litre DI diesel unit (63 BHP/195 Nm) and a 2.5-litre CRDe diesel unit (105 BHP/247 Nm).