Chevrolet Cruze Production Officially Ends In The US, Focus Shifts To SUVs

Chevrolet Cruze Facelift

GM is going to stop the production of Cruze in the US; the Lordstown plant has already manufactured more than 2.1 million units of Cruze since 2010

Chevrolet introduced the first generation Cruze in 2008 and the sedan performed really well in global markets thanks to its sporty styling and performance. Even in India also, the Cruze was so popular then the company introduced the second generation model in 2016. Now the company has officially ended the production of Cruze in the US as demand shifts.

The home market of GM is changing as customers prefer SUV and crossover models instead of traditional body styles like the hatchback and sedan models. Last year, Ford announced that the company will discontinue sedans from its lineup and focus on SUVs for future, and Chevrolet is also following the same path to improve profitability.

The Cruze is currently manufactured at the Lordstown plant in Ohio and the final model from the assembly line is expected to be rolled out later this week. The final Cruze might be finished in either white or silver colour and the company has manufactured more than 2.1 million units of Cruze from this particular plant.

GM is also going to shut down the Lordstown plant after rolling out the final model as Cruze was the model, which kept the plant running till now as all other products from the plant have been either discontinued or moved production to some other plants. Along with Lordstown, GM will also stop production at another four plants across North America.

Chevrolet Cruze Facelift

Over the years, the Lordstown plant used to produce small cars and sedans. But in the current era, these products are not profitable and the shift in momentum has forced the company to bid goodbye to these models. Currently, the plant has more than 1,500 workers and the plant doesn’t have so many advanced technologies like other modern plants.

So the company needs to invest lots of money to make it up to date and manufacture new generation cars. During the initial construction of this plant, it held the title of world’s largest auto manufacturing plant. The company hasn’t given details whether the Cruze will be discontinued in other global markets also.