Cars With Huge Screens Showcased At CES 2019, Emerging Trend?

car with big screens CES 2019

The interior screens at the cars put on display at the CES 2019 amaze show-goers with there great size

Most cars showcased at the CES 2019 have surprised everyone with their huge screens. In fact, Byton, an electric vehicle startup even announced “This is not science fiction!” at the global technology conference in Las Vegas. Carsten Breitfeld, CEO and Chairman, said about the astonishing 48-inch screen in the cabin of the company’s M-Byte car.

While the Byton M-Byte will go into production later this year, its large interior screen, which has been sourced from China’s BOE Technology Group, has proved to be quite a trendsetter in the automobile technology world.

Speaking on the interior displays, Gorten Wegener, Chief Design Officer, Daimler AG has said- “The screens are the window to the digital world. Screens are the new horsepower.” The comment by Wegener was about the 2019 Mercedes EQC crossover’s two 10.25-inch digital displays.byton crossover concept 4

It is not only the electric or the highly expensive cars that have started featuring huge screens. The 2019 RAM 1500 truck from Fiat Chrysler comes with a large 12-inch vertical display mounted on its dashboard. Other than the centrally-positioned displays, which generally provide the interfaces for the infotainment unit, cars have even started coming with digital instrument clusters.

Car companies like Audi have combined the centre displays and the digital instrument clusters and are referring to the new arrangement as a ‘cockpit’. Manufacturers have even started offering displays to replace the rearview mirror. The new setup has rear-facing cameras that project the view on a screen. Also, Heads-up Displays (HUD) are increasingly becoming common and have started making it to regular models.

“We’re living in a display-centred world,” said Brian Rhodes, Connected Car Research Lead at IHS Markit. “I don’t think it’s coincidental we have a lot of screens in vehicles that look just like tablets. That’s clearly the trend.”