C-Segment Sedan Sales Dip By 53% As Verna, Ciaz, City Demand Falter

ciaz verna city

The C-segment for sedans saw a YoY decline of 53 per cent in September 2019 as all the popular models posted negative growth

The C-segment for sedans is on an absolute desperate mode as the demand has steadily plummeted over the years. From averaging more than 5,000 units for the top-placed sedan, the monthly average for the most sold model in recent times stands at well below 2,000 units as even the popular trio of City, Ciaz and Verna are suffering.

Honda’s City led the way in September 2019 with a total of 1,819 units as against 2,564 units during the same month last year with YoY decline of 29 per cent. The Verna, on the other hand, posted 1,738 units in domestic sales and it resulted in YoY de-growth of 50 per cent as 3,501 units were retailed in September 2018.

It must be noted that the facelifted Verna had already been unveiled in China and is expected to be introduced in India sometime next year. Just as the Elantra facelift, it gets a number of exterior and interior revisions and could boast Blue Link connectivity as well to lure in new customers upon arrival.


Models September 2019 September 2018
Honda City 1,819 2,564
Hyundai Verna 1,738 3,501
Maruti Suzuki Ciaz 1,715 6,246
Skoda Rapid 816 931
Volkswagen Vento 455 430
Toyota Yaris 232 595
Nissan Sunny 53 141
Fiat Linea 0 16


Maruti Suzuki has the Ciaz competing in the C-segment for several years with good success rate but just as its competitors, the volume figures have certainly declined in recent past. At third, the Ciaz recorded 1,715 unit sales in September 2019 as against 6,246 units during the corresponding month in 2018 with a massive drop of 73 per cent.

The Skoda Rapid and Volkswagen Vento will see replacements in 2021 or a year later and until then the existing models will be retailed and they could get minor updates as well to keep the lifecycle going. The Rapid ended up fourth with 816 units while the Vento garnered 455 units with 12 per cent negative and 6 per cent positive growths respectively.

verna blue

The Yaris has been an underwhelming performer for Toyota since its debut last year and it recorded only 232 units as against 595 units in September 2018 with 61 per cent sales decline. The Sunny managed only 53 units last month while zero units of the Linea were sold during the same time.