BMW Reveals Affordable R nineT Scrambler – 2015 EICMA

2016 BMW RnineT Scrambler (3)

BMW R nineT Scrambler will be an affordable offering while retaining the look of a classic Scrambler, India launch in 2017

What BMW has done with the R nineT Scrambler is that the company made an affordable stylish Scrambler with the underpinnings of the highly successful R nineT cafe racer motorcycle.

The rear subframe and main frame can be parted as like in the R nineT and to bring down the costs the S1000RR-derived fork has been replaced by Scrambler’s traditional signature fork slider covers. The handlebars are raised whilst the rider seat is lowered in addition to a larger 19-inch front cast alloy wheel and narrower 170/60 R17 rear tyre to give the bike a stunning appearance.

2016 BMW RnineT Scrambler (5)

To stay in compliance with the stricter Euro4 noise and emission regulations, the catalytic  converter has been made large with cable-operated valves whilst revamped exhausts adhere to the styling of a classic Scrambler. Engine mapping has now been reconfigured and presence of mandatory carbon capture canister will avoid fuel over-spill from the revised fuel tank.

The Scrambler can also be sod on with off-road knobbly tyres and wire spoked wheels and footrests are built for better grip considering its off-road capabilities. For more cost-saving,  the fuel tank is constructed of sheet steel rather than the expensive hand-welded aluminium material as seen in the R nineT.

2016 BMW RnineT Scrambler (2)

The 1,170cc air/oil-cooled boxer-twin engine taken from the existing R nineT model produces the same peak power output of 110bhp at 7750rpm and maximum torque of 116Nm at 6000rpm.

The BMW R nineT Scrambler has also been the first of four models expected in the coming years to be based out of R nineT platform.

2016 BMW RnineT Scrambler (1)

The anodized forged aluminium parts like the handlebar top clamp and the retro brown leather seat cover were not snubbed by BMW in the Scrambler. With a huge list of accessories available, there’s no word on its price compared to R nineT yet.

Expect the BMW R nineT Scrambler to be launched globally in the first quarter of 2017 as the first affordable model from the R nineT derived platform.

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