BMW Bikes Will Be The First To Get Bosch’s New Split-Screen Display

Bosch's New Split-Screen Display

The 10.25-inch TFT screen will first debut on BMW motorcycles, however, Ducati and Kawasaki are also expected to make use of the technology later

Apart from all other technologies that it is currently developing, the German multinational engineering and technology company Bosch is said to be working on a new split-screen digital display for motorcycles. The 10.25-inch TFT screen will simultaneously display relevant riding information and maps for navigation.

This development will be a revolutionary move for the future of motorcycling, and we will get to see the new TFT screen first on BMW Motorrad bikes. Bosch has also introduced a new ‘mySPIN’ connectivity app which will allow riders to cast their smartphone’s display on the company’s new split-screen TFT cluster.

Bosch says that a survey was carried out among 2,600 motorcyclists, which helped it come to the conclusion that eight out of ten riders will welcome the functionality of the new TFT instrumentation system. Riders will also be able to choose the content they wish the screen to display, which makes it extremely versatile and handy.

Bosch's New Split-Screen Display-2

The size of the split-screen display is large enough to display range of information, without distracting the rider from the road. Apart from all the fancy stuff, speed, warnings, and tell-tale lights will obviously be present at all times. Bosch has synced the split-screen display with the mySPIN mobile app in such a way that the content of your smartphone will automatically adapt to show information that fits the size of the 10.25-inch TFT panel. The application promises to provide an enhanced riding experience.

The new Bosch split-screen display will make its debut on BMW motorcycles later this year, however, the technology is likely also expected to make its way to Ducati and Kawasaki motorcycles in the future. Both BMW and Bosch are yet to confirm the exact timeline of when we will get to see the new display as an integrated feature on the motorcycles.

We also recently reported about BMW Motorrad confirming the launch of two new motorcycles, which is set to take place today itself. However, the new Bosch TFT instrument cluster is not expected to be a part of their feature list.