Benelli TNT 25 vs Duke 200 vs CBR 250R vs Mojo 300 – Specs Comparison

Benelli TNT 25 Launched in India-11

Benelli is all set to get into the volume segment with the new TNT 25. Superbikes and twin-cylinder 300cc TNT 300 are doing well for the company, but the greed like any other manufacturer continues.

There is however a lot of competition that it needs to pass by to win that crown. Mojo is clearly in every spec comparison, but on the road it won’t make it with most competition, so let’s keep it here, even after the road test of these machines back to back that we should do at some time in the future.

Benelli TNT 25 Launched in India-9

Benelli TNT 25 vs Duke 200 vs CBR 250R vs Mojo 300 Design

duke200 vs mojo vs tnt25 vs cbr250R specs comparisonMojo is clearly is cruiser and the most substantial looking bike of the lot as it sits low and has a lot chunky parts giving immense presence on the road. Duke 200 is a proper street fighter with minimal panels and stubby rear and front-end just like the TNT 25 which has a bit of flair, but the design does look a bit on the ‘Asian’ side. CBR 250R is a fully faired dated motorcycle that isn’t alive to its name as it has VFR looks. Edgy panels and a good road presence make it a contender, but it comes last though.


Benelli TNT 25 vs Duke 200 vs CBR 250R vs Mojo 300 Performance

duke200 vs mojo vs tnt25 vs cbr250R specs comparison 2Engine wise Mojo has the upper hand when it comes to numbers. Closely followed by the TNT 25. Duke 200 comes next but it kills everyone in the test with its lightest kerb weight of just 136 kgs. Every other bike in this test is clearly on the heavy side as per segment laws. Duke on the other hand is clearly under weight.

TNT 25 should challenge Duke 200 with its clever gearing, CBR has been doing the same and the Mojo does the same too. Duke has the highest power to weight ratio and should take give tough time to its competition.

Honda CBR 250R stickers india

Benelli TNT 25 vs Duke 200 vs CBR 250R vs Mojo 300 Dynamics

Every motorcycle has a different character, Duke is sprinty and through corners and cutting through traffic, it is super hero Flash quick. All thanks to sticky, radial and light tyres. CBR is relaxed and is the best sport tourer, but it feels like a grandpa in front of the Duke when it comes to cornering due to soft suspension and poor tyres. Mojo is great fun around corners thanks to brilliant tyres from Pirelli. However, it isn’t a motorcycle and is relaxed cruiser who is surefooted around corners and nimble in the city.

TNT 25 comes with MRF and Metzeler option and with a trellis chassis like the Duke it does promise some fun in the corners too. CBR chassis and Mojo have great chassis, the former suffers from soft suspension, while the Mojo is soft cruiser as it lugs around the highest kerb weight of the lot.

Mahindra Mojo Handling picture


Price decides its fate as motorcycles have different roles to play. Duke 200 is a proper aggressive street fighter. TNT 25 should better it with calm nature and offer touring ability with its tank range. If you want 100% touring than Mojo is the right option. If you want sporty touring and reliability is your concern CBR 250R still is a good option.

However, if you want it all, TNT 25 fits the bill right as it has a good tank range, calm nature, enough ponnies and should be fun to ride and hence on paper TNT 25 seems to be winning the crown.

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