Bajaj Platina, CT100 Increases Bajaj’s Market Share By 16%


Bajaj Platina, CT100 increases Bajaj’s total market share by 16%, 150,000 CT100 Sold in 100 Days

After being heavily criticized over last six months by critics for low sales and no products being launched, Bajaj just engaged full steam in the last quarter. After launching the Bajaj Platina and CT100 along with four Pulsars, Bajaj sales started increasing rapidly. As we know that two other Pulsars are also coming in the next few months, needless to say, Bajaj is ready to set sales chart on fire. However, whatever has happened today, is a little ahead of schedule.

bajaj platina

The sales of Bajaj Platina and CT100 combined have reached from 35,000 units a month to a whopping 80,000 units a month, which increases the market share from 16% to back to where it was a couple of years which is 40%. The brand CT100 was discontinued eleven years back and has made a silent comeback and shaken the market. The love of the motorcycle from customer is clearly visible in the sales number. The new single spark engine is refined and is more mileage and rider friendly as it steadily growing when it comes to sales.


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As a result of this the stock price also boomed up quite a bit. Bajaj is still not existent in the scooter segment and says that there are no profit in scooter category but its policy of never saying never means there will be a day when we can see tech laden scooter from Bajaj.

2015 Bajaj CT 100

Current Pulsar’s and yet to come new Pulsar’s will and continue to dominate the sport segment, and are inching towards drawing more market share. KTM’s on the other hand are ruling the roost in the premium sports category along with partner Kawasaki. Competition is getting stiff for all brands Bajaj has under its roof as Ducati, Benelli, BMW-TVS and Harley-Davidson have upped their game in terms of new products, sales and service outlets throughout the country.