Bajaj Chetak Electric – On Road Price, Registration, Insurance, Govt. Subsidy Details

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Check out the on-road price of both variants of Bajaj Chetak Electric in Pune & Bengaluru after subsidy deduction and other charges!

Bajaj Chetak Electric was officially launched a couple of days back in the Indian market in two variants: Premium & Urbane. The Premium variant had a price tag of Rs 1.15 Lakhs while the urbane variant was priced at Rs 1 Lakh (Both prices Ex. Showroom). Initially, the scooter will go on sale in Pune and Bengaluru only.

There was a lot of curiosity among buyers regarding the final on-road price of Bajaj Chetak electric including insurance and registration details. The customers were also concerned about the subsidies that are being offered by the Government on the purchase of electric vehicles. So, we have come up with the Bajaj Chetak electric on-road price of both the variants in both the cities.

Bajaj Chetak Electric Premium On-Road Price in Pune:

Bajaj Chetak Premium variant attracts a sticker price of Rs 1,43,750 in Pune while the Insurance, Registration, Smart Card & Road tax charges are Rs 3,342, Rs 408, Rs 200 and Rs 400, respectively. The subsidy offered by the Government is Rs 28,750 which makes the final on-road price of the scooter Rs 1,19,350 in Pune.

Bajaj Chetak Electric Urbane On-Road Price in Pune:

Bajaj Chetak Premium is the affordable variant of the scooter which is priced at Rs 1,25,003 (Ex. Showroom, Pune). The other components such as Insurance, Registration Charges, Smart Card Charges & Annual Road Tax are Rs 3,260, Rs 408, Rs 200, and Rs 400, respectively. It gets a subsidy of Rs 25,000 from the Government. Hence, the final on-road price stands at Rs 1,04,271, after all the deductions.

Bajaj Chetak Electric Premium On-Road Price in Bengaluru:

The Ex. Showroom price (Rs 1,43,750) of Bajaj Chetak Electric is identical in both Pune and Bengaluru. However, the other charges such as insurance, registration, smart card, and road cess differ a bit than Pune. Though, the subsidy is the same as Pune. So, after making all the deductions, the final on-road price of Bajaj Chetak Premium is Rs 1,19,279 in Bengaluru.

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Bajaj Chetak Electric Urbane On-Road Price in Bengaluru:

Last but not the least, the Bajaj Chetak Urbane comes with a price of Rs 1,25,003 (Ex. Showroom) in Bengaluru. The insurance, registration, smart card and road cess (one time) charges are Rs 3,260, Rs 300, Rs 137, and Rs 500, respectively. And, after deducting the subsidy of Rs 25,000, it gets an on-road price of Rs 1,04,200 in Bengaluru.