Bajaj Auto Exports 1.8 Million 2-Wheelers Last Fiscal From India

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Bajaj Auto contributed to 53 per cent of the total export volumes from India by posting 18,69,220 units with 10.2 per cent growth

In the Financial Year 2020, the exports in the two-wheeler industry grew by an appreciable 7.3 per cent when compared to the same period the previous FY. The Indian motorcycle and scooter manufacturers had endured a troublesome tenure in FY2020 in the domestic market with YoY negative sales growth being prevalent almost everywhere. However, it was a whole different story on the export side.

The two-wheelers produced in India are mainly shipped to LATAM and African markets and Bajaj’s expertise in grabbing hold of such marketplaces has been evident in its sales tally. So much that the Chakan-based brand’s volumes had attributed to more than 53 per cent of the total exports from Indian production facilities.

Bajaj and TVS had contributed to nearly three-fourth of the total exports last FY. Bajaj posted a total of 18,69,220 units as against 16,95,553 units with YoY growth of 10.2 per cent while TVS Motor Company recorded 6,78,841 export units as against 6,22,019 units with 9.1 per cent growth.

Two Wheeler Brand (YoY) FY2020 Export Units  FY2019 Export Units
1. Bajaj Auto (10.2%) 18,69,220 16,95,553
2. TVS (9.1%) 6,78,841 6,22,019
3. Honda (-14.1%) 3,26,369 3,80,052
4. Yamaha (22.5%) 2,98,034 2,43,205
5. Hero MotoCorp (-14.3%) 1,78,261 2,08,056
6. Suzuki (33.6%) 1,05,164 78,694
7. Royal Enfield (88.2%) 39,188 20,825
8. Piaggio (10.6%) 22,745 20,562
9. Harley Davidson (-60.3%) 2,142 5,395
10. Mahindra (-93.6%) 412 6,480

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Honda, on the other hand, stood third with a negative growth of 14.1 per cent as 3,26,369 units were shipped from India in the period between April 2019 and March 2020 as against 3,80,052 units during the same time in FY2019. Its fellow Japanese compatriot, Yamaha, put on a good show with 22.5 per cent YoY increase in export volumes.

Yamaha posted 2,98,034 units as against 2,43,205 units in FY2019. The country’s largest domestic two-wheeler seller, Hero MotoCorp, could only settle for fifth position as 1,78,261 units were exported in the last financial year as against 2,08,056 units with YoY negative growth of 14.3 per cent.

Just as in domestic sales, Suzuki recorded volume growth on the export side of affairs as well. It sent out 1,05,164 units from India last FY as against 78,694 units with 33.6 per cent growth. Royal Enfield’s strategy to increase its footprint in the international markets is certainly paying off as it endured 88.2 per cent growth. Piaggio slotted in at eighth ahead of Harley Davidson and Mahindra.