Autonomous Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo revealed at 2015 TMS

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo revealed at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show-2

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo is the latest trailblazing spatial experience from the German brand which made its strong stand at the Japan’s capital city Tokyo.

Vision Tokyo, the futuristic thought from Mercedes-Benz embodies the concept of an automotive lounge for a future generation of megacities. The luxury saloon show how future car can be turned into a hip living space – a chill-out zone in the midst of megacity traffic pandemonium.

The Vision Tokyo is the brainchild of the designers working within Mercedes-Benz’s global network of Advanced Design Studios.

mercedes-benz-vision-tokyo-concept-front-imageThe Vision Tokyo is idealized by the designers working within Mercedes-Benz’s global network of Advanced Design Studios, who are designers and modelers in five Advanced Design Studios in Carlsbad (USA), Sunnyvale (USA), Como (Italy), Beijing (China) and Sindelfingen (Germany) mull over ideas for the vehicles of tomorrow and future.


The body of the Vision Tokyo designed to allow the crash-protected integration of a fuel cell-powered electric drive system. Based on the trailblazing F-CELL PLUG-IN HYBRID of the F 015 Luxury in Motion and combines the on-board generation of electricity with a particularly powerful and compact high-voltage battery that can be charged contactless via induction.

The electric hybrid system has a total range of 980 kilometres, of which 190 kilometres are courtesy of battery-powered driving and around 790 kilometres on the electricity produced in the fuel cell.


Mercedes Benz’s approach towards Vision Tokyo was deliver a homage to the urban Generation Z, the above 1995 generation, who witnessed the new generation media. The thought process of how a vehicle will commute is no longer a question, but a digital, automobile companion.


The Vision Tokyo steps into the future making a perfect partner for Generation Z, innovative algorithms allow it to evolve constantly; Deep Machine Learning and an intelligent Predictive engine mean that, with each journey, it becomes more and more familiar with its occupants, their likes and preferences, net-net you are in hands of a mother who takes care of her baby, thanks to the technology.

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