Auto Plants In Chennai Shutdown as Rains Flood the Entire City

Auto Plants In Chennai Shutdown

Hyundai Renault, Ford, BMW Auto Plants In Chennai Shutdown as flooding new highs and most employee are unable to reach the factory

The Chennai rains are showing what is arguably man-made disaster looks like. Everything seems fine but as always it is government and builders to blame for poor infrastructure and water bodies being used to make building rather than preserving natural bodies. This hampers life in the city of the people in it and Chennai has witnessed one of the biggest floods since the last century. Flooding has infiltrated airports and the damage to the city is enormous.

This is impacts daily life’s of people and companies that work in the state. Auto sector is also hit as major companies who have plants in the area from Hyundai Renault, Ford, BMW are skipping on shifts as majority of employees cannot reach the factory due to water logged roads which are in no way accessible towards the factory gates. Hyundai said that they have suspended three shifts, one last night and two shifts for today, at their plant due to the rain.

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Renault has clearly shut down yesterday for a full day. Hyundai did close majority of shifts. BMW is also affected but numbers and details undisclosed from the German manufacturer. Ford numbers are also not present. However, all these companies have the flagship plants in the Tamil Nadu state and this will affect sales nation wide for a small time.

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Time will tell when the water subsides and normal duties presume. All these companies have said employee safety is paramount and they are closely looking into the situation and waiting for the return of the employees and begin work at full steam as soon as they can.

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