Audi Introduces New Naming Structure For Its Models


Audi introduces new naming structure with two-numerals followed by engine tech to boast performance of upcoming electric and hybrid models

Audi has revealed a new naming structure based on the engine’s power output instead of its size and it may cause you confusion until getting used to it. The regular mainstream series will stay put with the entry-level A1 to range-topping Q7 nomenclatures. However, what has changed is the designation within the particular range.

The new naming structure uses a two-numeral combination denoting the power output in kilowatts. For instance, the vehicles with rated power output from 81 kW to 96 kW (108 hp to 128 hp) will carry the designation plate of the numeral “30” on the rear end. In a similar fashion, the models good enough to churn out 110 kW to 120 kW (145 hp to 159 hp) will utilise the “35” badge.


Moreover, the “40” numeral will be found in the models having power output between 125 kW and 150 kW (165 hp and 198 hp). For the performance-oriented and high-end models, the “70” badge will serve the purpose of distinguishing the 400 kW (529 hp) power output from rest of the model range.

The numerals will be followed by the engine technologies like TFSI, TDI, e-tron and others. It is said to allow the upcoming Audi models boast their performance of full-electric and hybrid powertrains. Why the shift to new naming format, you think? Audi says the increased relevancy of alternative drive technologies has resulted in displacement of engine being an attribute of less importance to customers.


As Dr. Dietmar Voggenreiter, Board of Management Member for Sales and Marketing at Audi explained, the clarity and structural logic based on the engine power output will enable the possibility of distinguishing different levels of performance.

For the entry-level A3 with 1.6 TDI engine, the new naming will lead to the moniker of A3 30 TDI. The A1 1.0 TFSI will be called as A1 25 TFSI instead and the A8 3.0 TDI will become A8 50 TDI. The new naming structure is restricted to A1 to Q7 range as the S and RS badged versions will continue with same format as similar to the R8 sportscar.