Ather Energy Gives Clever Reply To Rajiv Bajaj’s “OATS” Comment

Ather 450X

In reply to Rajiv Bajaj calling electric two-wheeler startup OATS, Ather Energy released an image of Ather-branded oats for “Champions”

At the launch of the Pulsar 250 twins, Rajiv Bajaj unloaded a barrage of shots at new-age EV startups in India. He stated that BET (Bajaj, Enfield, and TVS) are the champions, as proven by their track records. He referred to electric two-wheeler startups as OATS (Ola, Ather, Tork, and Smart E), and equated them to breakfast.

There is a saying breakfast of the champions. Champions eat OATS for breakfast. OATS stands for Ola Ather, Tork and Smart E,” were the exact words of the chairman of Bajaj Auto. Bengaluru-based Ather Energy has shot back in a hilarious way, sharing a picture of Ather-branded oats on its social media handles with the caption – OATs for champions, recommended by experts.

Looking closely at the image, we can also read “For when you need that instant pick-up” on the packet, which refers to the instant torque delivery and quick acceleration of electric vehicles. Ather’s reply was surely sporting and funny! It should be noted that Rajiv Bajaj had stated that Ather has “demonstrated capability” during the Pulsar F250 and N250 launch event.

The electric two-wheeler market saw a lot of action this year, especially with the entry of Ola Electric with S1 and S1 Pro e-scooters. The first batch was entirely sold out in just two days, with sales worth around Rs. 1,100 crore. However, production has started just days ago in late October, and deliveries are yet to commence at the time of writing this.

The company has spent around Rs. 2,400 crore on building the largest scooter manufacturing facility in the world, which will be able to manufacture 10 million e-scooters a year when operating at full capacity. Bajaj is also reportedly planning to expand its EV range, which currently only consists of the Chetak electric scooter.

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Social media as a quipping tool has become quite popular among automakers in recent times. Tata Motors has also fired salvos at rivals on multiple occasions online. It should also be noted that Ola Electric had also taken several digs at petrol-powered two-wheelers in the run up to its scooter launches.