Assam Bans Small Cars Registration Which Failed Crash Test In Global NCAP

Global NCAP Maruti Alto 800 crash test

Assam Bans Small Cars in their state as none of these cars are safe, let the game begin, again

Look like YouTube videos of crash that happened months ago have reached Assam a little late. In a shocking move, the state has banned all the cars that scored zero in crash test that happened in European NCAP. The state says that these cars are unsafe and dealers have been told not to sell these cars. This move comes when the market was seen a tremendous growth 7% in the first four months. Assam contributes to 12% of cars sales in India.

datsun go crash test

Well this is a good and bad move at the same time. Cars such as Maruti Alto, Hyundai i10, Ford Figo and Datsun Go failed these tests and they won’t be allowed. Assam has also listed the new Jazz and Hyundai Eon. This move is only for small cars and big SUV’s and cars above the 1500 KG mark have been allowed to be sold.

Global NCAP Ford Figo crash test

Somebody tell the government that way does not work. 1500 KG cars can also fail the test too. SUV sales will continue to happen. State of Assam has made a naive move and god knows how it will benefit the people who are inclined to small cars to move around in the state. 2017 was the time when cars will be tested in India and a verdict after that would be a smart and bold move. Now, it’s just plain politics.

Tata Nano crash test

Experts will tell you that these cars relatively safe considering our average speeds are very low to other countries. Assam is clearly one of them. Most of these cars have Airbags standard on top variant and could be sold only in the state. An idea that could be put on paper. Whatever it is, next hearing is set to come on August 27 and by that time manufacturer will try to resolve the case with the state in some way or the other or else it will go on forever.

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