AIIMS to Develop Helmets for Indian Weather Conditions

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AIIMS to Develop helmets for Indian weather conditions, to be lower on cost while providing optimum safety

A quick study of numbers suggests that everyday on our roads, around the country and an average of 377 people die on the roads. All of this happens because of lack of safety kit in cars and lack of ABS and proper helmet when it comes to motorcycles. Things are changing as global pressure mounts on the country and also being in done best interest to bring down those rates of casulity.

New numbers, when they come, should be less as in past two years, a lot has changed and manufacturers are pushing the safety mantra to customers via word of mouth. Helping the masses get basic safety through Philanthropy methods or being super cool and offering safety features with cars and bike as standard.

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Safety gear is available from showrooms itself nowadays, don’t hesitate to get one

AIIMS, India’s no.1 medical institute under government of India, is working in collaboration with Australia to make low cost helps that can take impact as well being aired at the same time. You ask anyone on the streets via they don’t wear helmets, they will say ‘it’s too hot to wear one’ or if wearing one, its too hot to buckle one up.

AIIMS plans to solve this soon and work is in progress. This could be done with the help of domestic helmet makers, this is a certain possibility. If advertised right and word reaches everywhere, this could be the next big thing when it comes to safety in not just India but other countries which face the same problems.

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Helmet’s and motorcycles go hand in hand.

Enthusiast believe its better to sweat the bleed. However, most people on 100cc motorcycles believe when they meet with an impact at low speeds nothing is going to happen. That’s wrong, try falling at 40 km/hr you will release the need of helmet that very moment. As bigger motorcycles make their way, this helmet could help as a non enthusiast does get into sport biking easily considering value options in the market. Looking forward to a successful implementation of these new helmets.

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Source : ETAUTO