709 HP Customised BMW M3 is Not for the Faint Hearted

G-Power M3 GT2 S Hurricane 2

The customised BMW M3 by G-Power pushes out a massive 709 horsepower and 650 Nm of peak torque from a tuned V8 supercharged engine

A German tuning firm called G-Power is selling a modified BMW M3 car for track as well as daily road driving purposes. It went on about using the E92 generation instead of using the latest iteration of the M3 and has dubbed its creation as M3 GT2 S Hurricane. In order to claim it as a track-based ground-hugging machine, G-Power took the stock 4.0-litre V8 engine and made several changes.

Chief among which was the long-stroke crankshaft boosting the engine displacement by half a litre to 4.5 litres. The pistons and connecting rods are forged components as a supercharger that runs at 11.6 psi is added up to increase the engine’s capability. It now produces a maximum power output of 709 horsepower and 650 Nm of peak torque.

Sending all the brutal power to the wheels is through a limited-slip differential with separate oil cooler. G-Power claims that the spruced up M3 can reach from zero to 200 kmph in just 9.8 seconds and is good enough to top out 330 kmph. The firm’s own Nurburgring Setup will enable the M3 GT2 S Hurricane to be tuned suiting the ride and damper needs of the infamous Green Hell.

G-powe also uses ceramic brakes, carbon fibre widebody kit, 19-inch wheels, air jacks for quick replacement of tyres, carbon fibre doors and hood for reduced overall weight and improved aerodynamic performance. Extracting more out of the car means eliminating the needless bits for saving weight. G-Power has done just that by stripping off the rear seat and other elements from the interior.

G-Power M3 GT2 S Hurricane 4

A multi-function display replaces the stock gauges and it only provides necessary information. A roll cage has been installed for improved safety of the driver while there is a fire suppression system for additional safety. G-power is more than ready to build a car of the same spec if you can shell out $328,260 (Rs. 2.11 crore). Blimey!