6 New Ola Electric Two-Wheelers Launching Next Month – 5 Bikes & 1 Scooter

Ola Bike Launch Teaser

Ola is expected to launch five all-new electric motorcycles and a new electric scooter at a grand event on August 15, 2023 in India

Ola Electric commenced its journey a couple of days ago with the debut of the S1 electric scooter on August 15. The Independence Day holds plenty of significance for the brand and it will make a huge announcement on the same date this year as well. The Bengaluru-based company is currently working on a number of zero-emission vehicles including electric cars.

On August 15, 2023 Ola is expected to launch new models and sources say new scooters will be unwrapped in a grand event. In addition, Ola could also bring in new motorcycles considering that Bhavish Aggarwal, Chief Executive Officer at Ola Electric, has been actively teasing motorcycles on his Twitter handle and recently he was spotted on a test track.

In February 2023, Ola teased as many as five motorcycles and some of them could be previewed in their production form at the upcoming event. It is no secret that Ola is developing a range of new motorcycles across different segments as a commuter, an adventure tourer, a cruiser, a sports bike and a neo-retro model were teased in their conceptual form.

Ola Bike Launch Teaser 2

Ola will more likely have a go at the premium motorcycle space with its upcoming range of electrified models and they could accompany a brand new scooter on the launch floor next month giving more options for customers to choose from as the brand seeks to expand its footprint to adhere to the needs of a wide range of audience.

The S1 range witnessed updates earlier this year as a 2 kWh battery pack was introduced with a claimed range of 91 km and it uses an 8.5 kW electric motor with a top speed of 90 kmph. The top-spec 3 kW battery enables a range of 141 km.

Ola Bike Launch Teaser 1

The Ola S1 range is currently the best-selling electric scooter in the country courtesy of the good reception amongst customers and the recent price drops making it more appealing. The top-of-the-line S1 Pro variant is equipped with a 4 kWh battery pack helping it to have a claimed range of 181 km and a top speed of 116 kmph.