5 Popular Cars With Highest Waiting Period In June 2022

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Check out our list of the top five extremely popular cars in India, which have some of the highest waiting periods this month (June 2022)

While the Indian automobile industry continues forward on the road to recovery, the demand for new cars continues to be strong. Select cars in the Indian market have much higher demand than their respective production capacity, causing them to have extremely long waiting periods.

Here, we have listed five extremely popular vehicles that have the highest waiting period in the Indian car market.

1. Mahindra XUV700 – up to 21 months

Mahindra XU700 currently has the highest waiting period out of all passenger cars currently on sale in the Indian market. For select variants, buyers could have to wait as high as 21 months to take delivery! That said, the SUV’s impressive equipment list and powerful engines continue to attract more buyers.

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2. Kia Carens – up to 18 months

Kia Carens was launched in India earlier this year, and it has already become quite popular here. The MPV commands a waiting period of up to a year-and-a-half, with the highest wait time being for the 1.5L petrol variants. For the 1.4L turbo-petrol and 1.5L turbo-diesel variants, the wait till delivery reaches up to eight months.

3. Maruti Ertiga – up to 9 months

Maruti Ertiga is the most popular MPV in the Indian market currently, thanks to a great balance between affordability and comfort. For the standard petrol variants, the waiting period can touch up to four months, as per our dealer sources. However, Maruti Ertiga CNG has a much higher waiting period – up to nine months!

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4. Hyundai Creta – up to 6 months

Hyundai Creta is the highest-selling midsize SUV in the Indian market currently. The waiting period for it stretches as high as six months, which is extremely long! The highest wait is for the base variant, while for other variants, the wait time hovers between one month and three months.

5. Toyota Fortuner – up to 4 months

Toyota Fortuner is the most popular large SUV in the Indian market, and it commands a high waiting period too. New buyers have to wait up to four months after booking one to take delivery. The high wait time is for both the standard version and the Legender version.