2022 Range Rover Nouvel Is The Best Fan-Made Concept Car Ever

Range Rover Nouvel-2

Here we have images and a video showcasing an unofficial Range Rover concept car, digitally imagined as a futuristic SUV

Over the years, we’ve seen automobile enthusiasts use their digital artistry to sketch wild concepts, re-create vehicles as they wish, and generate speculative designs of upcoming cars. Here, we have another such digital masterpiece, created by Shijie Yu, a transportation designer from Los Angeles, US. Yu has designed a Range Rover concept SUV with a futuristic design theme.

Shijie Yu used to be an intern at Jaguar Land Rover’s Shanghai design centre. There, he used to work on “advanced exterior and interior designs”, as stated in his resume. He has also worked with other auto manufacturers as well, like BYD and GAC. This unofficial Range Rover model has been created to complement his resume.

The video featured below was posted on Shijie Yu’s YouTube channel, and it shows a 3D model of the next-generation Range Rover. Dubbed ‘Nouvel’, the SUV carries a simple yet utterly beautiful design theme, both inside and out. Let’s go through all the unique design highlights briefly.

The front end of the car has the signature Range Rover grille, but encased behind a glass panel (like in an EV). The headlamps are designed as an extension of the grille, and the vertical orientation makes them look rather brilliant. The roof of the SUV sports a panoramic sunroof. The B-, C-, and D-pillars have been hidden to give the doors a frameless look. There are metallic brown inserts all over the body, which contrast well with the sky blue paint scheme.

The side profile of the car has a few signature elements from the modern Range Rover SUVs, like the contrasting-coloured inserts on the front quarter panel, a large greenhouse area, and the sloping D-pillar design. There are no door handles anywhere on the car, which looks clean but highly impractical. Also, these are suicide doors, the kind you see on Rolls Royce vehicles. The taillights are also vertically oriented, with long, rectangular-shaped LEDs.

Land Rover Range Rover Nouvel cabin and doors

The cabin features a beige interior theme, with brown inserts thrown in here and there. The steering wheel is similar to one of the current Range Rovers, but with controls neatly integrated. The instrument console is completely digital. The seats have a beige/cream colour scheme, with non-adjustable headrests except for middle passenger at the rear. Due to the car’s compact dimensions, the rear door opens just above the rear wheel arch.