2022 Range Rover Falls Off During Transportation, Hits A Honda On Road

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On June 23, a Range Rover SUV fell from a carrier truck on a highway in New Jersey, USA, colliding with a Honda Accord on the road

In a recent incident in New Jersey, USA, a brand-new Range Rover fell off a transportation truck on a state highway. The incident is reported to have happened on Route 17, under the West Midland Avenue bridge in Paramus city. The fallen SUV also hit a Honda Accord on the road.

The pictures of the accident have been doing rounds on social media, and they show the extent of the damage. The Range Rover is almost completely ruined, with a crushed tailgate and a broken roof. In the pictures, the Honda Accord involved can also be seen, and it seems to have suffered less damage compared to the Range Rover. All the airbags have been deployed due to the crash.

The occupants of the Honda and the extent of their injuries have not been revealed. The reason for the Range Rover tumbling from the transport truck is not known. The SUV and the sedan had to be towed away from the scene in separate flatbed tow trucks. All other Range Rover models in the truck seem to be unharmed.

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Vehicles being damaged during transportation is more common than you’d think, and it happens all across the globe. In many cases, it can even lead to fatal injuries. It is necessary to keep your distance from heavy trucks on the roads and never to linger close to one for long. Such accidents are unfortunate and it is best to exercise caution and avoid them.

The latest (fifth-generation) Range Rover was introduced globally a little while back. The SUV is based on the new Land Rover MLA platform, and there are multiple engine options available – a 3.0-litre turbo-petrol mild-hybrid unit (in two different tunes), a 3.0-litre turbo-diesel mild-hybrid unit (in three different tunes), and a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8.

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A plug-in hybrid (petrol-electric) powertrain option will be also available in select international markets. Also, Land Rover is planning to launch a fully-electric version of the new Range Rover, scheduled for 2024. This will be the first EV ever from the SUV brand.

Photo credit: Boyd A. Loving