2021 Honda WR-V (Based On New-gen Honda Jazz) Visualized Digitally

2021 honda wr-v jazz cross-1

Kleber Silva, a Brazil-based rendering artist, has come up with a digital rendering that helps us visualize the aesthetics of the next Honda WR-V that will be based on the latest-gen Jazz

The Honda WR-V isn’t a huge sales success, especially if you compare its popularity with that of more mainstream models like the Maruti Vitara Brezza and Hyundai Venue. However, what’s clear is that the WR-V is definitely more successful than the Jazz, at least in India, where the pseudo-crossover has bene regular at out-selling its donor hatchback. Thanks to its sufficiently rugged looks, a spacious cabin and reliable motors, the WR-V comes across as a sensible choice for the proverbial family guy.

Meanwhile, the Honda Jazz has just received a generation change, which means it’s only a matter of time before Honda decides to come up with the pseudo-crossover version. Kleber Silva, a rather well-known name in the world of digital renderings, has visualized the next-gen Honda WR-V based on the 2020 Jazz.

For the newest generation of the Jazz, the design team at Honda has retained the mini-me MPV-ish look of the original model but has given it a very modern styling package that blends the practicality of an MPV-ish silhouette with the newness of the company’s latest design theme. This is something that you can see even on the 2022 Honda WR-V that is being visualized in the renderings that we have here.

2021 honda wr-v jazz cross-2

However, one can safely expect the carmaker to do away with the rather dull front façade of the Jazz and use a bolder look with chrome adornments. The headlamps could be slightly different, while the bumper would have to be bigger in size and come with plastic inserts to complete the brawny look of the front-end. In profile, the next-gen WR-V will carry plastic body cladding, roof rails and new alloy wheels. Also, the new model would have a higher ground clearance than the donor hatchback.

The rear would feature updated taillamps, some chrome accents and a bolder bumper to finally round up the list of exterior enhancements that the pseudo-crossover would carry over the new-gen Jazz. If the current model is anything to go by, the next-gen crossover would carry the same interior setup as the corresponding generation of the Jazz.

While Honda is yet to let out as much as a single official word on the launch prospects of the next-generation WR-V, India is about to receive an updated version of the current model that will feature a BSVI-compliant petrol engine.