2016 Toyota Hilux patented in India, could launch in 2018

Toyota hilux patented in India

2016 Toyota Hilux Patented in India, based on the Fortuner platform

Toyota Hilux Pick Up Truck is the most important platform that Toyota has worldwide. Pick up truck is famous in countries like Australia and America. Toyota Hilux Pick Up Truck which has been patended in India has the front end and dual cabin which resembles to the Fortuner as always which has been seen for years now.

India is also turned out to be a quite a important market for Toyota and the use of the Toyota Hilux Pick Up Truck platform. It spawned the Fortuner and it is the number one selling 30 lakh SUV in the market, something which started 20 lakhs when it launched in India and with every facelifts, the price has reached 30 lakhs with mostly cosmetic and very few mechanical changes. All that is set to change as Fortuner will be localized this time and will also have way better quality than before.

2016 Toyota Hilux patented in India

Toyota Hilux Pick Up Truck patented also means that some day it can come to India as well. It’s chief rival Isuzu is already here and this company famous for making pick up trucks and diesel engine says the trend is catching up for pick up trucks. May be with the 2017 Fortuner, we could get the pick up truck variant somewhere in the future as well. Launch of the 2017 Toyota Fortuner will make sure their market share remains dominant.


However, with the launch of the Chevrolet TrailBlazer and upcoming Ford Endevaour means this step of Fortuner coming to India a little late could harm the sales. Mitsubishi will also be coming in the year 2017 and its Indian-Korean rival SsangYong Mahindra Rexton could come by that time as well. It’s got as intense as hatchback in 30 lakh SUV segment, Let’s see what happens next.

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