1996 Hero Honda CD 100SS Restored And Modified With Café Racer Design


The long 22 years life has taken its toll on CD 100SS as it is in very bad condition so they decided to give a new life for the bike

We always have a special attachment to the bikes in our family which we first rode or learned to ride. But over the years, either these bikes might be sold or in bad shape and most of the people usually don’t have the time to think about it. There are some exceptions like Shubhan Shirkande and his brother Akash Patil who decided to restore their dads 20 year old Hero Honda CD 100SS.

Hero Honda launched CD 100SS in 1986 and during the initial couple of years, engine and other components were manufactured by Honda in Japan and it was imported to India to be assembled at the plant. But later Hero Honda started to manufacturer most of the components in India thus reducing the cost.

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Restored-and-modified-Hero-Honda-CD-100-SS-8Shubhan’s dad bought this CD 100SS in 1996 and it is still with this family as they had lots of memories with it. The long 22 years life has taken its toll on the bike as it is in very bad condition so they decided to give a new life for the bike. First they took the bike to workshop and dismantled all the body parts. Finally the only thing left was the chassis and they re-painted it.

They carefully removed monogram as they want to use the original one once everything is finished. To get the perfection, all the body parts were carefully painted by hand. Each and everything on the bike need to look fresh which is why they have given zinc plating for all the nuts and bolts. The level of detailing these guys has given is excellent.

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Restored-and-modified-Hero-Honda-CD-100-SS-5They want to make slight modifications to the original bike as the final product looks like a café racer design inspired CD 100SS. The headlight, seats, handle bar and wheel spokes are all different from the original bike. The single pot instrument cluster is shared from another bike along with new tail lamps and new colour for the CD 100SS round of the changes.