19 Super Bikes Impounded By Gurgaon Police And Fined Rs. 3.23 Lakh

19 Super Bikes Impounded By Gurgaon Police And Fined Rs. 3.23 Lakh-1

A group of super bikers were charged for rash riding in Gurgaon and their bikes were impounded with hefty fines of Rs. 17,000 on each bike

On the night of June 8, a group of super bikers were caught by police for a number of chargers. The incident occurred on Golf Course Road in Gurgaon as police officials impounded about 19 superbikes belong to a famous Delhi Superbike Group. They were caught red-handed while performing stunts and racing against each other by the police and immediately the machines were taken to their custody.

The imposed penalty charges stood at Rs. 3.23 lakh. DCP of traffic Chander Mohan told that he spotted a group of bikers on Golf Course Road who were “speeding and driving rashly”. Immediately, the traffic policemen were alerted and the expensive motorcycles were impounded and they could only be released through the court.

The superbikes impounded include Suzuki Hayabusas, Ducati Diavel 1260, BMW S1000 RR, Harley Davidson and much more. The traffic violations have said to increase following the ease in restrictions. A similar incident happened near Bengaluru on a larger scale as a gang of super bikers who were allegedly misinterpreted for speeding on public roads and police at fault, were impounded in police custody and each biker was levied Rs. 3,000 fine.

19 Super Bikes Impounded By Gurgaon Police And Fined Rs. 3.23 Lakh-1-2

They were booked for riding negligence, rash riding and over speeding as the super bikes were seized and locked in Solur village near Bengaluru, Karnataka. Tensions mounted before police fined the bikers and a number of supercars were let go without being asked questions reportedly. These kind of incidents are happening more often in recent times.

In some cases, even the cops are blamed but it must be noted that safety should come as a first priority for everyone. When you go out on public roads, especially the recent times after a couple of months of staying within four walls at home, the enthusiasm for twisting the throttle will be at the peak.

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However, the riders across the country must obey the traffic regulations wherever they go and stick within the prescribed speed limits to avoid accidents and endangering the lives of the pedestrians or even the on-coming traffic.