Yezdi Brand Could Be Revived As Early As Next Year In India

yezdi bikes

Yezdi held an iconic status when its range of motorcycles were on sale and an announcement related to its future in India could be made next month

A few months ago, reports emerged on the internet suggested that the Yezdi brand could be revived in India as an electric motorcycle. Said to be developed in-house by Classic Legends, the works on the zero-emission model had reportedly commenced for the betterment of the brand’s future. Classic Legends hosted the comeback of Jawa in late 2018 and it has been well received among Indian customers.

The Czech company has Jawa, Forty Two and Perak in its domestic lineup currently after decades of hiatus. While the trio of motorcycles were showcased initially in November 2018, Jawa took until late 2019 to make the Perak bobber available for consumers. And in its third anniversary, Classic Legends could bring in an Anniversary Edition motorcycle.

It could otherwise be the fourth model for India catering to either adventure, scrambler or roadster body type. Another possibility is that the Yezdi brand could be resurrected. Back in the day, the Yezdi range of motorcycles included the Road King, Oil King, Classic, CL-II, Monarch, Deluxe, 350 and 175. Upon arrival, the modern Yezdis could have plenty in common with the Jawa range.


As with the latest speculations, the Yezdi’s revival will happen with an electric motorcycle so no concrete information is available yet. We do hope to know more about what the real deal is leading up to the brand’s third anniversary on its comeback. Yezdi was part of Ideal Jawa before rebranding itself as Yezdi in 1973 and released products based on Jawa platform.

We do expect whatever coming next to have a retro styling and if turns out to be an electric motorcycle concept, it might showcase the design direction the brand might head towards. The earlier report also indicated that Classic Legends intend to heavily localise the pure electric motorcycle and critical components could be imported from abroad.

Having an additional brand could help Classic Legends in widening the motorcycle portfolio and perhaps explore different segments. Let us wait and see what really happens!