Yamaha Unveils EC-05 Electric Scooter With Battery Swapping Tech

Yamaha Unveils EC-05 Electric Scooter 1

Yamaha Motor Corporation to launch EC-05 electric scooter that will benefit from Gogoro battery interchange option

Yamaha Motor Corporation will commence its global electric vehicle operations with the launch of a new electric scooter. The first zero-emission vehicle from the Japanese two-wheeler maker will benefit from Gogoro’s battery swapping technology.

The Japanese company recently made public its battery-swapping technology, which will feature in the new electric scooter range from the Japanese motorcycle maker. Called EC-05, the new electric scooter will be introduced just after Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda would join hands to quickly ready their first ever battery-powered electric vehicles with swappable battery technology.

Yamaha, the Japanese two-wheeler giant, has announced a partnership with Taiwanese company Gorgoro for coming up with a battery technology that helps with easy interchanging of the power units. The Yamaha EC-05 will feature this technology, which will be co-developed by the two companies. Specifications of the new electric vehicle from Yamaha are yet to be disclosed.

Yamaha Unveils EC-05 Electric Scooter

It is being said that the upcoming range of electric vehicles from Yamaha would offer a range of 80 km and 100 km. From this, it is very clear that the Yamaha EC-05 will serve as a perfect companion for long and efficient intra city commutes along with decent inter-city range.

The Yamaha EC-05 will be initially sold in the Taiwanese market from August this year. The new model will be even sold in many markets across the world, which would mean that the swappable battery technology is coming in a big way to many countries.

However, we are yet to have an official word on the launch of the new Yamaha electric scooter in India. However, what we know for sure is that the Japanese auto giant is banking on its EV technology in a big way and could launch a modern range of scooters in India in the near future.