Yamaha Janus Scooter Gets Idling Stop Technology

Yamaha Janus is the first scooter to receive idling stop technology from Yamaha

Fuel saving technologies are something every car maker and two wheeler across the world is working on. In the two wheeler segment scooters are becoming more and more popular in the developing countries compared to the motorcycles. Yamaha now taken the opportunity to make their Janus scooter capable to be much popular with a fuel saving technology called idle stop technology.

The Vietnam bound Janus is the first scooter from the Japanese two wheeler manufacturer to come with such technology. The idle stop technology will be available in the Janus Deluxe and Janus Premium trims. This technology shuts off the scooter’s engine when the scooter is not running. Therefore it saves enough fuel at large. Not only that, by saving fuel and shutting off the engine it also reduces the emission.

In India the recently launched Hero Splendor 110 cc iSmart comes with similar technology. This technology allows the engine to shut off while the motorcycle is idle for few seconds consecutively, such as on red light at signal. The engine can be brought back to life by just pressing the clutch. This way the iSmart technology saves fuel and reduces emission as well. The similar technology is available in several cars around the world also.

Yamaha calls this technology Stop & Start System in the Janus scooter. Earlier Honda also introduced same technology in its PCX scooter way back in 2011. The Yamaha Janus gets power from a 125 cc Blue Core engine. This same engine is available in the Yamaha Noza Grande and Acruzo as well. The Yamaha Janus comes with 214 pound weight. It runs on 14 inch wheels, and the 14 litre fuel tank offers a long range for the scooter.

The Yamaha Janus is a scooter made in Vietnam, and also made for the country as well. The scooter comes with a price tag of 27.49 million Vietnamese Dong.