Yamaha January 2024 Sales Analysis – FZ, MT15, R15, Fascino

2023 Yamaha YZF-R3

Yamaha is selling at a steady pace and the MT15 has become the best-selling Yamaha with over 15k units sold in January 2024

The total number of Yamaha scooters and motorcycles sold in January 2024 stands at 62,384 units which is a 57 per cent YoY growth compared to 39,688 units sold same time last year. The total increase in volume is 22,696 units which is quite decent.

First on the list is the Yamaha MT15 which saw the highest sales in domestic markets at 15,124 units in January 2024, up 73.08 percent over 8,738 units sold in January 2023. Its MoM sales also saw the highest percentage growth in its portfolio at 136.16 per cent over 6,404 units sold in December 2023.

At No.2 on the list is the FZ, and with 14,678 units sold, it saw an increase of 14.48 per cent YoY growth compared to 12,822 units that were sold same time last year. Yamaha, in a bid to increase sales, has recently launched new colour schemes across most of its lineup including the FX series of motorcycles.

2022 yamaha mt15-4

Yamaha Models (YoY) January 2024 Sales January 2023 Sales
  1. MT15 (73.08%)
15,124 8,738
2. FZ (14.48%) 14,678 12,822
3. Ray ZR (134.33%) 12,047 5,141
4. R15 (22.09%) 9,676 7,925
5. Fascino (102.28%) 8,176 4,042
6. Aerox 2,653 0
7. R3 30 0
8. FZ25 0 1,020
Total 62,384 39,688

Another Yamaha two-wheeler to cross the 10k sales mark was the Ray ZR scooter. It sold a total of 12,047 units in January 2024 and interestingly, the Ray ZR had the highest YoY growth of 134.33 per cent compared to 5,141 units sold in January 2023. Even the scooter’s MoM improved by 39.38 per cent from 8,443 units sold in December 2023.

The R15 sales also saw a 22.09 per cent YoY and 31.99 per cent MoM growth in January 2024 to 9,676 units. There had been 7,925 units and 7,331 units sold in January 2023 and December 2023 respectively.

2023 Yamaha Fascino RayZR

The list also included the Fascino with 8,176 units sold last month while two relatively new entrants Aerox and R3 have posted sales of 2,653 units and 30 units respectively. This was a 103.76 per cent MoM growth for Aerox over 1,302 units sold in December 2023. It will be interesting to see if the same sales momentum will be continued or not this calendar year. In other news, Yamaha is said to be preparing for the comeback of the RX moniker as a 225 cc motorcycle within the next 2 to 3 years.