Yamaha FZ Electric Bike Concept Imagined Digitally

Yamaha FZ Electric Motrocycle Concept-1

With government’s increased focus on quicker electrification, an electric version of a mainstream motorcycle, like that of the Yamaha FZ seen here, would make sense

It looks like the ongoing situation of people not being allowed to leave their homes have given a good amount of time to cultivate new ideas and give a form to their imagination. One such interesting idea is based on a Yamaha FZ motorcycle and you can see this in the images we have here.

The creator of this concept is Turin-based Iranian-Indian transportation designer Aryan Hossein Alipour, who has decided to give the original streetnaked motorcycle of the country an electric street fighter treatment. While the concept bike definitely holds an essence of the donor model, it does look more modern due to several new bits like the LED DRL, LED taillight, girder front suspension with integrated handle bars and a cantilevered saddle.

The futuristic concept features a partially hidden engine compartment that features a huge battery pack and some futuristic looking parts. The FZ-based electric motorcycle concept comes with a belt drive mechanism.

Yamaha FZ Electric Motrocycle Concept-2

Also, the concept bike carries dual-tone alloy wheels that have been shod with low-profile tyres. The rear suspension of the original motorcycle, which carries a monoshock unit, has been replaced with a dual shock absorber setup.

Like we said, the Yamaha FZ electric concept motorcycle carries the essence of the donor model, while looking a lot more futuristic. Also, it is important to mention here that this motorcycle can be safely considered as a figment of someone’s imagination and the project wasn’t commissioned by Yamaha. However, that doesn’t rob it off any of its aesthetic value as well as future-proof technical prowess it possesses.

Yamaha FZ Electric Motrocycle Concept-1-2

Moreover, with the with the increased focus on quick electrification of vehicles, we won’t be too surprised if Yamaha actually ends up coming up with something close to the motorcycle that you see in the illustrations we have here. Of course, it won’t be anywhere as futuristic as the digitally imagined model but it can definitely carve out a niche for itself with high performance and sufficient range, along with decidedly macho looks.