Yamaha Electric Motorcycle/Scooter For India In The Works; Launch By 2020-21

Yamaha-03GEN-Concept (Yamaha Electric Scooter india)

Based on a brand new platform, the electric model could either be a scooter or a motorcycle from Yamaha; likely launch in late 2020 or 2021

India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd. and parent operations in Japan are reportedly working together on an all-new flexible electric architecture for use in the near future. While meeting the requirements of Indian customers, the platform will also appeal to international markets.
The Japanese two-wheeler major has speculatively involving about 100 engineers in the brand new project as personnel from India, Japan and other countries are developing the future range of products. Manufacturers like Suzuki, Honda, Bajaj and TVS are said to be launching their electric two-wheelers in the coming years and Yamaha does not want to be left behind.
Yamaha appears to have conducted a feasibility study with regards to the necessities and expectations of the Indian consumers. For efficient working plan, as much as 12 component supplier from around the world have been identified according to the report to develop the new electrified platform.
Yasuo Ishihara, Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Research & Development India (YMRI) has confirmed at the sidelines of 58th SIAM annual meeting that the developmental processes on the all-new platform have started and the product will be of global standard as it has clear emphasis for markets elsewhere as well.
Details regarding the component suppliers will likely be officially out in the near future. Initially, the battery swapping technique could be considered as buyers do not have to wait for a long charging time. The first e-vehicle could either be a motorcycle or a scooter and is expected to feature a good riding range on a single charge.
With Suzuki working to introduce electrified motorcycle/scooter in the same timeframe of around 2020-21, we can expect Indian brands to jump in the bandwagon and give a feisty competition. Bajaj was believed to be using Urbanite name for an EV brand while TVS showcased several futuristic hybrid two-wheeler concepts over the years.