Yamaha E01 & Neo’s Electric Scooters Debut, EV Roadmap Revealed

Yamaha electric mobility roadmap

Yamaha has officially unveiled two e-scooters, an electric moped, and three e-bicycles during its ‘Switch ON’ online premier event

Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer Yamaha has decided to upscale its electric mobility business, and the company has taken wraps off of two electric scooters – E01 and Neo’s EV – to that effect. The latter is the production version of the E02 concept showcased at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, and it is set to launch internationally this year.

The Neo’s is not a new nameplate; Yamaha Neo’s is a 50cc petrol-powered scooter available in select international markets. The new EV version will utilise battery-swapping technology, which will help it be more practical than regular e-scooters. The official specifications will be revealed in the coming weeks, but the manufacturer has stated that the performance will be equivalent to a 50cc scooter.

The design of the scooter looks extremely youthful and sporty, great for attracting youngsters. The features on offer will include all-LED lighting, a digital instrument cluster, telescopic forks (front suspension), swingarm-mounted monoshock (rear suspension), alloy wheels, and a front disc brake. The ergonomics look comfy here, for the rider as well as the pillion.

Yamaha Neo's EV debuts
Yamaha Neo’s EV

Yamaha E01, on the other hand, is a prototype e-scooter, the production version of which will be unveiled later. It has a maxi-scooter-style design, with a large front apron, tall visor, sleek tail section, scooped single-piece seat, and alloy wheels. It will also have a digital instrument console, along with all-LED lighting.

It will be significantly more powerful than Neo’s, with performance rivalling 125cc ICE scooters. Yamaha will initially introduce E01 as a shared mobility scooter/fleet vehicle in just one major European city, as a sort of pilot run. The passenger version of the e-scooter will follow a few years later.

Yamaha E01 debut
Yamaha E01

Yamaha also debuted three electric bicycles alongside the above-mentioned e-scooters, in three different segments – Mountain, Gravel, and Urban. There was another model showcased at the event, which was the most interesting product there – B01. This is a pedelec, a pedal-assisted electric moped, and it is scheduled to go into production in 2023. Yamaha has partnered with Italian motorcycle and e-bike manufacturer Fantic Motor for the production of a few of these EVs.