Out of the multiple models that Yamaha has planned for the motoring exhibition, these three have caught our attention the most

The 2017 edition of Tokyo Motor Show is just a few days away and most of the manufacturers are now busy giving their preparations a final touch. While there will be numerous auto giants participating in the biennial event, Yamaha is one of the few for which we are eagerly waiting to see what’s there in store. The Japanese manufacturer is always known for leaving the people amazed time to time with its innovation and technology. So, here is an insight of what concepts the company will be displaying this time.



Two years back, Yamaha had introduced one very interesting concept named Motobot. This was nothing but a robot being able to ride a motorcycle on a race track. Now, the brand will be showcasing the second generation of Motobot that will be obviously improved than the previous model. The prime objective of this robot is to ride an unmodified motorcycle and its real world use is to help in the development of traction control and stability control systems.



The Motoroid is another interesting concept which the company has finalized for the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. According to the company, the Motoroid is an experimental machine that employs artificial intelligence. Besides, this concept explores the feasibility of concepts for creating new forms of personal mobility in which the rider resonates harmoniously with machine. The vehicle will be able to recognize its owner and will be purely electric.




In simple words, the Yamaha MWC-4 is more of a leaning eco-friendly car than a motorcycle. For this, the company uses the technology of its Tricity scooter and MWT-9. The inclusion of a fourth wheel along with a roof keeps it away from the actual definition of a traditional motorcycle. Also, the driving position resembles to that of a car and hence, it would be unfair to state it a two-wheeler.