Xiaomi Himo T1 Electric Scooter Launched At Rs 31,000 (2,999 Yuan)

Xiaomi Himo T1 rear

Xiaomi Himo T1 is an all-electric moped with a driving range of 120 km, It costs 2,999 Yuan in China, which amounts to roughly Rs 31,000 in Indian currency

Yes, Xiaomi, the Chinese tech giant famous for budget-end smartphones in India has come up with an all-electric two-wheeler in its home market. The Xiaomi Himo T1 is the first-ever electric moped from the manufacturer and it has gone on sale for 2,999 Yuan in its home market. This translates to roughly Rs 31,000 in the Indian currency.

The Xiaomi Himo T1 is an electric model but as is the case with many mopeds of the yore, even the Himo T1 comes with pedals that can help you manually power the vehicle in case you need to conserve the battery charge or when you run out of it. Talking of the batteries, this electric model is powered by a 14,000 mAh lithium-ion battery pack that drives a 350W brushless permanent magnet motor.

The tiny two-wheeler has a driving range of 60 km, which is enough for running some errands in the urban environment. There is even a more premium version of the Xiaomi Himo T1, which has a driving range of 120 km. The all-electric vehicle comes with features like push-button start, front disc brake, digital instrument cluster, and a dual-brake system.Xiaomi Himo T1

The Xiaomi Himo Ti also has a headlight with 18,000 cd brightness. As per the manufacturer, this setup can illuminate 15 metres on the high beam and 5 metres on the low beam. Of course, its prolonged usage drains the battery a lot faster.

The Xiaomi Himo T1 has telescopic forks up front and conventional shock absorbers at the rear. Deliveries of the new electric model will commence in the Chinese market on June 4. There are currently no plans to launch this electric model in India.


However, the fast-rising demand for electric vehicles, combined with the popularity of the Xiaomi brand in India, could push the company to introduce the Xiaomi Himo T1 in the local market. That said, the import taxes and duties will result in a pretty exorbitant price tag.