World’s Smallest and Cheapest Private Jet Launched at Rs. 12.60 Crore


US based aviation company Cirrus Aircraft has launched world’s cheapest and smallest private Cirrus Vision Jet after 10 years of development

US based aviation company Cirrus Aircraft has launched the Cirrus Vision Jet that is the cheapest and smallest private jet in the world priced at Rs. 12.60 crore. This private jet has been under development for last 10 years and made its maiden flight last year only. With this aircraft, the company is aiming to reach the private owners as well as regional commercial air services also.

With such cheap pricing compared to the other private jets, the company is hopeful about grabbing a big share in the private jet market. The Cirrus Vision Jet is powered by a single Williams International FJ33-5A turbofan engine and it can cruise at a speed of 555 kmph. Also, this aircraft is capable to flying at an altitude of 28,000 feet.


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Thanks to its smaller size, this Cirrus Vision private jet needs only 620 metres of runway. It offers a highly spacious cabin capable of accommodating up to five adults and two children. Being designed for the private owners, this aircraft comes equipped with several luxurious amenities and features that include an in flight entertainment system, mood lighting.

Each passengers get USB charging points attached with the seats. The seats come offering plush luxurious experience. The company claims the windows have been designed strategically to offer the passengers better view. Cirrus Aircraft is also offering multi-tone paint and multi-zone climate control options with this private jet. The cockpit comes with large touchscreen control panel with Garmin Perspective Touch avionics suite that performs several systems automatically taking the pressure off the pilot.


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Dimensionally, the aircraft comes with a wingspan of 11.79 metre and it has a length of 9.42 metre only. The Cirrus Vision jet has 3.32 metre height and the 1.56 metre cabin width ensures enough space for the occupants along with a cabin height of 1.24 metre. There is a parachute system as well that can be deployed in case of an emergency.

Interestingly, to lure the private jet buyers, the Cirrus Aircraft has made the purchase process of this aircraft much easier. The customers can avail financing option from the company just like the car loan.

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