World’s Largest Lamborghini Showroom Opened in Dubai

World's largest Lamborghini showroom opened in Dubai; spans 30,000 sq ft. with three levels and two dedicated display areas

World's Largest Lamborghini Showroom Opened in Dubai

Lamborghini’s largest showroom in the world has been inaugurated at Dubai last week. The Dubai arm of the Italian supercar manufacturer has said that it has moved to a new showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road. A grand opening has been reserved for a later time in 2016.

The world’s largest Lamborghini showroom has a variety of car displayed from the flamboyant Italian company alongside some of the older ones. The facility also comprises of a dedicated service centre that would help in hassle-free after sales support to the customers in and around Dubai.

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Lamborghini has been strategic in bringing this new showroom up and running as Dubai is one of the highly lucrative markets for its performance supercars. The Sant’Agata Bolognese based company moved towards securing higher volume sales after the introduction of the Huracan and its variants.

Thus setting up a prominent showroom in Dubai will only serve them all the goods. The new dealership on Sheikh Zayed Road will be owned and operated by Al Jaziri Motors. The facility has a couple of private display areas that would aid in explaining the evocative history of the brand and also make buyers understand the importance of owning a Lamborghini.

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Stretching to 30,000 square ft., the largest Lamborghini dealership in the world has three levels of construction and the whole building project was designed by world-renowned architect from Uruguay, Carlos ott. It featured a unique external glass façade suspended by steel cables.

The internal space has been vowed to provide prospective customers with a fully-fledged Lamborghini ambience that will project the marque’s “visionary, cutting edge and pure brand values’. Al Jaziri Motors stated that the Lamborghini showroom in Dubai reflects on the endeavours made to meet the demands for the brand’s products in the United Arab Emirates.

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It went on to say the desire for Lamborghini V10 and V12 have drastically increased over the years. The arrival of the Urus SUV in 2018 will substantially spur up the growth according to Al Jaziri Motors. The Emirati city is pushing to maintain its international recognition and added Lambo, Bentley, Aston Martin and Ferrari models to its notorious police fleet in 2013.

More infrastructural bodies are planned in the city and the presence of the world’s largest Lamborghini showroom will only elevate the province’s appeal.

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