World’s First Flying Car Might Start selling In 2018


World’s first flying car, the Pal-V One Liberty Edition, can switch between drive and flight mode in just 10 minutes and is said to be sold from 2018

Pal-V is planning to introduce the first flying car in US by 2018. The company says that it will sell only 25 units of Pal-V One Liberty Edition in US market at a price tag of $599,000. The Pal-V One Helicycle is certainly an unique vehicle. It can run on roads and fly in sky as well. The company claims, it can switch between drive and fly mode in just 10 minutes.

The owners of Pal-V One Liberty Edition must possess a driving license and a sports pilot certificate. To fly this, the pilot needs to complete at least 30 to 40 hours of complete flying experience. The company has built a total of 90 units of the Pal-V One Liberty Edition, and Mr. Mark Jennings-Bates, the Vice President, Sales in North America says they will sell only 25 units in North American market by 2018.


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Though the Pal-V One looks like a small helicopter, but it is basically a gyroplane. To fly it uses top rotors, which are operated by the air passing through, while the rear gets a propeller which gives it thrust to make way forward. The manufacturer claims, the Pal-V One can stay steady during turbulence also. The company claims, turbulence makes only 20% impact on the Pal-V One compare to the fixed wing airplanes.

The vehicle can carry only two people, with the seats positioned as side by side. On the land, it runs on three wheels, and it can run up to 106 mph of top speed. While in air, it can fly at a top speed of 97 knots (111 mph). The Pal-V One Liberty Edition needs 31 mph of running speed and 540 feet of runway to take off. It needs only 100 feet to land. In air it can fly up to 220 to 250 miles.


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