World’s First Driverless Taxi Begins Road Testing in Singapore


nuTonomy has developed the driverless taxi, and it plans to introduce the service in Singapore by 2018

nuTonomy is a technology company founded by two researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which has now developed world’s first driverless taxi dubbed as ‘robo taxi’. The driverless taxi’s have started first road trials in Singapore, and the company is planning to introduce the service in full fledge by 2018.

The nuTonomy driverless taxi fleet includes Renault Zoe and Mitsubishi i-MiEv electric vehicle, equipped with the American company’s autonomous driving technology. Initially, the company has started trials with the Mitsubishi i-MiEv. These vehicles use several onboard sensors and cameras combined with the technology.


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The autonomous driving technology is the new cup of tea for almost every other leading auto manufacturers around the world including Ford, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Tesla etc. To develop the autonomous vehicles the leading auto manufacturers are partnering with the technology firms.

American auto major Ford Motor Company has stated, that it is developing its own autonomous vehicle, which would roll out in 2021. The app based taxi service provider Uber has tied up with Swedish automaker Volvo to develop a driverless vehicle. Also, the Israeli company Mobileye NV is manufacturing its own autonomous vehicle in association with Delphi Automotive Plc; Google also is at the forefront of developing self driving vehicle.

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The nuTonomy has tied up with the Singapore government for this driverless taxi project, and the American company has also cleared its ambition to introduce around 100 units of driverless taxis in Singapore. The Chief Operating Officer of nuTonomy Mr. Doug Parker believes, the driverless taxi will change the look of the cities, as we have known till date.