World’s 10 Most Sold Cars In 2019 Include Corolla, Civic, CR-V, Camry

toyota corolla 2020 india

Toyota Corolla was the best-selling car last year as 12,36,380 units were sold with YoY sales increase of 4.1 per cent

Unsurprisingly, Toyota’s Corolla continued to be the most sold passenger vehicle across the globe in the Calendar Year 2019. With 12,36,380 unit sales, the Corolla’s volumes had gone up by 4.1 per cent and about 1,422 units were sold in India. The Corolla Altis has been discontinued in the wake of BSVI emission standards and we do hope it makes a comeback with a brand new generation.

The global craziness over pickup trucks was there to see in the top ten as Ford F-Series, Dodge Ram and Chevy Silverado posted strong numbers. The Blue Oval’s F-Series is revered for its performance and utility factors and it was the second most retailed car in the world last year with a total of 10,70,234 units.

However, compared to the previous year, its volumes were slightly down by 1.1 per cent. Toyota’s RAV4 recorded a healthy tally yet again as it garnered 9,31,852 units with 11.7 per cent Year-on-Year sales growth. The family-based SUV has seen the continuous expansion of its lineup to address the demands of the global customers.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid front

Best-Selling Models (YoY) Unit Sales In 2019 Sales In India
1. Toyota Corolla (4.1%) 12,36,380 1,422
2. Ford F-Series (-1.1%) 10,70,234     –
3. Toyota RAV4 (11.7%) 9,31,852     –
4. Honda Civic (-0.3%) 8,21,374 4,928
5. Honda CR-V (12%) 8,18,981 1,083
6. Volkswagen Tiguan (-7.6%) 7,41,297 1,208
7. Dodge Ram (17.4%) 7,31,895     –
8. Toyota Camry (3.1%) 6,90,729 672
9. Volkswagen Golf (-12.9%) 6,87,664     –
10. Chevrolet Silverado (-1.5%) 6,44,013     –

Just as with previous generation Civic, Honda’s latest tenth-gen model has witnessed roaring success. It was the fourth most sold model in the world in 2019 as 8,21,374 units were retailed with almost flat growth. In India, the Civic sedan entered after more than six years of absence in March 2019 and it quickly rose to top position as 4,928 units were registered.


The Civic is offered in coupe, hatchback and sedan guises internationally and the Type-R versions are adored for their performance characteristics. Its bigger sibling, the CR-V, slotted in at fifth with a total of 8,18,981 units with YoY growth of 12 per cent and about 1,083 units were sold in our domestic market.


Another model that is on sale in India, the VW Tiguan, posted 7,41,297 units with 7.6 per cent volume decline and just over 1,200 units were contributed by Indian customers. Dodge’s Ram pickup truck is a big savior for FCA and it finished seventh last year in sales ahead of Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Golf and Chevrolet Silverado.