Woman Gives Birth On The Front Seat Of Tesla Driving On Autopilot

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Yiran Sherry gave birth to a baby on the way to the hospital, while her husband left the car on autopilot to tend to her

A Philadelphia mother has made headlines by giving birth to a baby inside a moving Tesla. As per reports from the US, the incident happened on 9th September this year, while Yiran Sherry, 33, and her husband Keating Sherry, 34, were on the way to their 3-year-old son Rafa’s pre-school.

The baby – Maeve Lily – is being referred to as ‘World’s first Tesla baby’ by The Guardian. The report states that the couple were readying their 3-year-old for school by the time the contractions were extremely close. Keating helped his wife into the car, who was in quite a lot of pain by then, while their son sat in the back seat as they drive off.

However, they were then stuck in rush hour traffic, and the contractions were soon just a minute apart. The husband put the car on autopilot to the hospital, just 20 minutes away, as he focused on his wife. His left hand was on the steering, and his right was clutched firmly by Yiran.

Tesla baby
The ‘Tesla baby’ and family – Picture credit: Philadelphia Inquirer

The mother was trying to hold the baby back until they reached the hospital, but she gave birth as the car pulled up to the hospital. The paediatrician had to cut the umbilical cord in the front seat of the car. Maeve was born healthy and safe, which was a relief to the parents.

Interestingly, the birth of their first child was a completely different story, involving an extremely long labour, which even required an epidural. The couple also stated that they intend to keep the car around for a long time, perhaps long enough for the ‘Tesla baby’ to learn how to drive in it!

Tesla’s autopilot has often found itself in the limelight, and a lot of times, it is for the wrong reasons. Plenty of the brand’s EVs have been in road accidents, and in many cases, it has been reported that drivers had activated the autopilot and taken their attention away from the road. USA’s NHTSA is currently investigating Tesla’s cars for letting drivers play video games while on the move.

SOURCEThe Guardian