WMC250EV Aims To Be The World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle


The WMC250EV uses clever aerodynamics to reduce air drag and increase downforce, which should help it break land speed records

British manufacturer White Motorcycle Concepts has unveiled a new electric motorcycle. Christened WMC250EV, the new bike has been built with the aim to fly past the 400 kmph speed mark, which would potentially make this the fastest electric two-wheeler on the planet. To achieve this feat, the motorcycle will utilise unique aerodynamics tricks.

The bodywork of the electric bike is inspired by the second-gen Hayabusa, but the overall styling is rather quirky. The body is hollow, featuring an air tunnel running longitudinally through it, called V-air. This patented tech reduces the air resistance of the motorcycle by a massive 70 per cent! It also offers a lot of downforce, which eliminates the need to add winglets to the body.

The WMC250EV utilises four hub-mounted electric motors to power itself. The front wheel gets two motors, rated at 20 kW each, while the rear wheel gets two 30 kW motors, all connected to a 15 kWh Li-ion battery. The total power rating of 100 kW (136 PS) doesn’t sound much, but the manufacturer claims that the two-wheel-drive configuration is good enough for the speed run.

WMC250EV img2

The motorcycle has been constructed out of carbon fibre and billet aluminium, to keep the weight in check. Despite that, the WMC250EV is quite a heavy bike, at 300 kg, and the company states that it will have around 5 times more load on the front axle than a conventional IC-engine motorcycle.

The WMC250EV measures 2.44 metres in length and has a height of 1.19 metres. The motorcycle sports Dymag 17-inch alloy wheels on both ends, shod with Pirelli slicks for maximum grip. The braking system consists of two 340mm discs at the front and a single 310mm disc at the back, sourced from EBC, with brake lines from HEL.

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Robert White, founder & CEO of White Motorcycle Concepts, hopes that the bike would be able to break the current land speed record for electric motorcycles, set by Max Biaggi in 2020 while piloting the Voxan Wattman. Biaggi had achieved a maximum speed of 408 kmph (one-way run), while setting the official speed record of 366.94 kmph (two-way run).