What Would A Biker Do When SUV Barrels Towards Him? - Video

The rider had to endure two fractured vertebrae, an injured shoulder and a sprained ankle due to someone else’s mistake

What are the most alarming things you have witnessed while driving on the highway or generally road? Perhaps an earthquake or some vehicle losing control on the opposite side and ending up colliding on the concrete wall?

The thing is you never know what would happen and even if the rules and speed limits are followed, sometimes it’s a matter of pure decision making at the very moment. The scene of a SUV rolling towards you is indeed one of the frightening incidents and here a terrible accident unfolded that away. The worst case was a bike rider was on the receiving end of it.

Happened this year in San Diego, California the rider suffered for five months with injuries, before getting back to normal and he had to wear back brace during the recuperation process. The rider had to endure two fractured vertebrae, an injured shoulder and a sprained ankle.

Those are substantial level of injuries, but considering the dramatic incident, he was lucky enough to escape alive. He was sent off the bike in no time and it made us wonder how nasty it might have ended up, had he not reacted in time and swerved left instead.

He was heading to work southbound on I-15 San Diego before coming up on a section of the highway that was well known for accidents. He said the SUV driver was not paying attention and struck a Toyota Avalon before flipping and slid across the lanes.

The SUV struck him on the right side causing him to momentarily go airborne. The reason for the SUV driver losing control was unknown but it did trigger a major accident. It exemplifies the fact of concentrating every time you get behind a wheel because a lot of idiots are out there!