Watch Numerous Royal Enfield Motorcycles Throwing Flames Together!

Watch Numerous Royal Enfield Motorcycles Throwing Flames Together!

Most high-end supercars and superbikes are known to have the ability to throw flames; watch many Royal Enfield bikes doing the same

Royal Enfield branded bikes are undoubtedly the most modified motorcycle brand in India. Most modified Royal Enfield bikes get the aftermarket exhaust that can make loud thuds. Well, there are many such aftermarket exhausts available for the Royal Enfield bikes that can throw flames just like super bikes and supercars.

Watch this thunderous video where numerous Royal Enfield bikes are creating mayhem together. The video is from the Royal Enfield Rider Mania where Royal Enfield owners from around India gather together. The video shows several Royal Enfield bikes with aftermarket exhaust throwing flames together at the event and are extremely loud. Flames can come out for various reasons from an exhaust muffler.

The most common cause is the free flow exhaust system installed on the Royal Enfield bikes. The unburnt fuel from the combustion chamber travels down the exhaust, and some of it manages to come out of the exhaust. If the exhaust fumes are very hot, they will catch fire as soon as they get in contact with the oxygen after coming out of the exhaust muffler. Most of these aftermarket exhaust owners remove the DB killer, which allows unrestricted flow of the exhaust gases, causing the flames to come out of the exhaust gases.

The unburnt fuel coming out of exhaust muffler shows the inefficiency of the engine in burning the fuel. It decreases fuel efficiency considerably. All the loud back-fire pops that we get to hear from the Royal Enfield bikes shows the inefficient exhaust system.

It should be noted that such exhaust fires can be hazardous. Fire coming out of the exhaust can melt a few things around including the tyre. In the past, many supercars and superbikes have been damaged due to exhaust flames.

Many enthusiasts get such aftermarket flame throwers installed in the vehicles that use a spark plug in the exhaust tip to create exhaust flames. Well, one should know that such aftermarket exhausts are highly unsafe and are also illegal.