VW Gets Approval to Fix 4,60,000 Diesel Vehicles in Europe


VW gets approval to fix 4,60,000 diesel vehicles in Europe as persistent works are underway for mending the rest lot of affected vehicles

Volkswagen Group has successfully received the approval from German emission regulatory body for the technical fixes proposed by the brand. The sanctioned approval means another 4,60,000 diesel cars fitted with the illegal defeat device software that alters the emission outcome during pollution testing will be fixed.

The statement officially released by Volkswagen said the own brand its group models of 4,60,000 units will be repaired. This takes the overall fix to over five million units as VW tries to mend its deliberate fault over the months worldwide. Volkswagen said German regulators KBA had approved on a fix with the smaller 1.2-litre diesel engines.

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The 1.2-litre diesel motor can be found under the bonnet of cars like Polo hatchback and its derivatives alongside its Spanish sibling Ibiza from sister brand Seat. The approval is not just restricted to Germany as it will be valid for countries across Europe. Just in that continent, about 8.5 million diesel vehicles are affected by the shocking scandal.

While eleven million vehicles are impacted outside Europe, United States, where the scandal came into light almost a year ago, the technical fixes have still not been announced. US emission regulating authorities have argued for buyback of all the affected models but Volkswagen is carefully working on a fix for all the 4,75,000 models that’s been detected to need mending.

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2016 Seat Ibiza
2016 Seat Ibiza

Volkswagen Group’s diesel engine equipped models require just a software update on pollution control systems for the 1.2-litre and 2.0-litre engines. However, for the over three million vehicles with running on 1.6-litre motors require a mesh to be installed near air filter alongside update to the software.

The German conglomerate has conceded that major part of 8.5 million affected vehicles can be fixed during the course of this year but plenty others needs to wait until next year for a complete solution.